unnecessary alter/ations 

Unnecessary Alter/ations is about the stereotypes and ideas that come with being a woman. Society pushes these ideas on us from a very young age and we are assigned our gender roles before we are even born. When we think about what beautiful means we think about what is acceptable to society. We are told that skinny is beautiful, so we judge and critique our bodies, but this obsession can lead us to go through extreme measures which can lead to body dysmorphia, anorexia, and bulimia. In this body of work I focus on personal experiences that have led me to understand this idea behind society and where a woman belongs. Through self portraiture I portray these events or moments in my life explaining the ugly truth behind society's image of what a woman should be. These experiences express the first time I was body shamed to my struggle with an eating disorder. I also focus on dating and common stereotypes that are still pushed on some women today. I use pastels to give the viewer a pleasing feeling when looking at the images just how society would expect a woman to appear, although the subject is not so pleasing. The purpose of this work is to show that we as women are more than something that is trained to be beautiful.

©2020 Madison Dunn

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